In March 2020 the COVID -19 pandemic which affected countries globally had posed significant challenges for trans-led and trans-inclusive organizations to continue and implement programs and Projects for gender diverse movement in India. The Asia Pacific Transgender Network along with AIDSFONDS had been Closely Monitoring the development of COVID 19 and thinking about its impact on Communities for its critical work that it does.  Several surveys were taken to see the impact for its services. Based on the findings Asia Pacific Transgender Network APTN launched the COVID 19 response framework with a focus on 5 key areas: Advocacy, Leadership building, Health, Strategic information, and Relief support to partners and communities. 

In May 2020 AIDSFONDS launched the COVID-19 response fund for its current partners to help mitigate the impact of COVID 019 om people living with or vulnerable to HIV. The CRF grant was in line with APTNs COVID-19 approved of the CRF grant. In July 2020 APTN awarded this initiative to Basera Samajik Sansthan to support the impacted communities in India. The aim of this fund was to ensure localized advocacy materials highlighting the needs/ challenges and experiences of human rights violation among vulnerable trans and PLHIV communities.