Project ‘Pahal’

A CSR initiative project of MetLife India undertaken by Basera Samajik Sansthan started from 11th, October 2022 to help the LGBTQ community, vulnerable women and their children’s; to stand on their feet by imparting them valuable skills through vocational courses on stitching and fashion designing. MetLife being one of the largest company providing their customers with health, life and retirement insurance products aims to work with underprivileged and uplift the marginalized. Our joint venture is to bring positive outcome in society that reflects for a better future.

Our work is to promote skill training so as to benefit those who are socially stigmatized due to their orientation, gender choice or work profession. We are working forward thinking so as to help those who are in need.

Aims & Objectives:

– Maintain and co-ordinate effective relationships with the community.

– Giving skill based training so that the community is more ready to work ahead for their future.

– Providing them with the skills that can earn them livelihood.

– To help them rehabilitate to better positions ahead in life.

– Giving a second chance for dignified living to those who are seen down upon by the society.

– Bringing them in contact with those who can provide better employment opportunities.

– Producing performance reports of each individual so as to give personalized help.

– Implementation of various activities to keep the community engaged.

– Providing skills for better future prospects.

– Motivating the community members to work for their betterment.

Overview of stitching classes to teach trainees about:

– Setting and using of sewing machine.

– Hand sewing techniques.

– Fabric and thread selection for sewing.

– Basic pattern designing and fabric cutting techniques as given by given by training modules of fashion designer.

Overview of fashion designing course to provide skill training on:

– Creating pattern designs.

– Designs by hand as per new trends.

– Producing computer aided design.

– Theme based planning and development.

– Portfolio preparation.