Targeted Intervention

An enlisted ongoing project with collaboration with Uttar Pradesh AIDS Control Society started from 16th May, 2022; is to bring help to a total of 700 workers among which 500 are FSWs & 200 are MSMs. The aim of this project is to minimize HIV transmission among High-Risk Groups by improving their access to care, support and treatment services.

The TI is designed for two group divisions namely:

Core Groups: Groups who have high level of vulnerability to HIV infection e.g.; FSWs, MSMs.
Bridge Groups: Groups who have high levels of vulnerability but are at a lesser risk e.g.; Truckers, Street Children, Migrant Laborer, Jail Inmates.

Components of TI project are:

Project Outcomes: 

Our project is being undertaken thoroughly covering the whole area of Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. We mapped and have found 500 FSWs and 200 MSMs from a total active population of 700 people.

The work done by us to reach the Higher Risk Groups are through the following activities:

  • Mapping and enumerating the MSMs and FSMs population.
  • Awareness regarding STIs, HIV/AIDS through BCC.
  • Distribution of condoms to the community.
  • Diagnosis, counselling, and treatment for STI. Referral service for HIV/AIDS patient.
  • Staff capacity building.
  • Educating peers.
  • Implementing strategies to sustain the program.
  • Use of advocacy and networking to create a positive environment for the project.

On-going Activities:

  • Social mobilization of community through various group discussions and meetings as community events.
  • Health camp to check on the important vitals and provide results on the population belonging to HRGs.
  • Regular community-based screening of HIV & Syphilis; while educating about better practices and giving much needed aid to those infected.
  • Using good linkages with ICTCs and ART Centre, Noida; the project is ensuring best referral services for HIV testing.
  • Constantly linking of stakeholders in the community to plan activities, events; engaging with police and local leaders to sensitive on the issues of STIs or HIV/AIDS.

Upcoming Activities:

Outreach activities to reach broader part of population(non-catchment areas).

Completion of project by increasing the area to much broader sections through numerous events and activities.

Bringing the community ownership by forming SHGs in order to strengthen the community as whole.

Starting of awareness camps collaborating with UPSACS and local hospitals to sensitize general society about HRGs and prevent them from getting into it.

More collaborating efforts and engaging stakeholders. Revamping strategies.