WFA, a “not-for-profit” organization wishes to provide us ISRG to help transgender being ostracized by the mainstream society in Delhi-NCR, India. In order to empower trans individuals, Basera Samajik Sansthan wants to amplify the voices of transgender and gender diverse young people to make their own decision in life.

Starting from 1st February, 2023; Basera is undertaking the role to generate evidence gathering, to prioritize the solutions where scalability and sustainability by touching lives of around 600 trans individuals.

Various means to reach more and more groups of such people would be undertaken by doing various events such as follows:
– Community engagement meetings to link the trans individuals to the corporates and industries based on the skill development education provided to them.
– Sensitizing meetings consisting of health care workers, HR management, D&I head of companies, etc.
– Capacity building workshops to undertake leadership development program.
– Community system strengthening to ensure that the individuals coming out of the program can go onto forming Self Help Groups.
– Formulation of documentation and crisis mitigation within judicial framework by forming Crisis Response Cell(CRC).