The CONNECT project was supported by Amplify Change, its aim was to building capacities of community based organizations (working for the rights of LGBTQ) on conducting advocacy, program management and strengthening communication with stakeholders.

The project seeks to create a continuous channel of advocacy at the local, state, and national levels. In this regard, extensive training of the CBO partners in the area of sensitization and advocacy with police, judiciary, and health officials, exposure to national and international conferences, workshops to learn and network is being provided.

At the national and state levels, the project and its’ partners are making an effort to start a dialogue with the parliamentarians and other elected representatives on the issues of sex, gender sexuality and health. Drawing attention to the human rights violations of the LGBT community is also an important priority for the CONNECT project.

The project was aiming to reach communities that have been marginalized and affected by COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. CONNECT project is calling RPF on innovative seed grant from community based organizations and initiatives across the country. Basera Smajik Sansthan was awarded this project to implement and reach the community in out skirts and hard to reach LGBT population. The program is still being  implemented by Basera for specific activities.